His eyes were liquid honey
Blazing and brimming awake;
‘Twas twilight reflected on his gaze.

She stares away, in a daze
Instincts clouded and lips locked away,
Memories clouded and muddled.
This familiar haze….

But, there it stays,
The raging storm
From a time before dawn.
Yet again, the familiar emotions
Grips the saint; so silence,
Please, let me tame the devil.
Let the ugliness and lingering touches fade
Lightly, till she reaches the meadow.

In this haze, let the past fade,
She will give up,
For now, it isn’t her place.
Maybe later, all that will remain
Is the nostalgic ache.

Dear reader, Have your ever felt like your past is impeding your progress? How do you move past it? In this case, I write about crushes, which seem to impart the same emotions – dread and illogical happiness, regardless of your age. Yet, we may choose not to pursue it due to unforeseeable repercussions. It’s a strange emotion indeed.

Acrostic Requests

Hey guys!

Woah, I have 100 likes and over 10 followers. Thank you so much for liking my posts! I hope you enjoy them. I am going to be taking acrostic requests for the next couple of months. Just comment out the first word that comes to your mind or a word that you hold close to your heart. For me, one of my most favorite words is Dewdrop:

Drawn by the morning smiles,
Eager to fill the
Withering leaves with life
Dusted with the scent if god,
Robust and innocent,
Orator of the sea,
Perishable after the moment of glee.

Anyway, I hope you comment and let me know your thoughts!!


I would recommend listening to Shackleton by Adam Young while listening to this because the poem was inspired by that song. Hope you like it! ^_^

Time to time,
Sway with the drums
The fingers
Whispering through touch
Rhythm rising with each second
The world wound in the whorls
Of petals.
Beyond expectations,
Merging with the skin –
These lawless tunes
Blending with the runes.
Dancing in the summer rain,
Cold and warmth
Not in vain.
Let’s take it slow
Breathing as one and whole.
Melding with our soul.


Dedicated to every fellow being with wanderlust.

In a minute –

Hear the thumping of the beat;
Heart and eyes
Seduced into a senseless agony
Dance with his shadows,
shattering her very soul
Day and night.

Travelling from land to land
Can’t find her, the chase
Is impossible to bear,
In his arms,
Spinning to the swing of Juno.

One second turns to a minute
While holding you close;
But I’ve got to go.

I would recommend listening to Spanish Flamenco while reading this!! Enjoy!

Find yourself

NOTE: I would recommend listening to Yuri on Ice by Taro Umbeyashi while reading this poem!

In the beginning
A bit of dew descends
On the charred soul
An unknown force, reborn;

Blue winged beautiful sky
Blasted with the insecurities;
Rising from the pitch black dark,
I see the moon and stars,
Dancing to my tune.

In that moment,
How did the flowers conquer my line,
Can’t speak out the chime
Of my emotions.


This titillating feeling
Forbidding my heart to give up;
I see you,
My brilliant light,
Amongst all the feeble frivolities,
Not a fantasy, but a dream
Grips the depth of my heart.
Brimming with the eyes of a child,
I’m alive.

Love: III


Here I am
Holding my soul for yours
To save or break,
It’s alright, nothing can take
Away my will to see you smile,
This isn’t the storm that passes,
But a gentle breeze,
To sweep your past, past;
Love so blundering, and blind,
I can’t let go of my murmuring mind –
Grab him close
Let him go.
The light shines,
Will you stay?
Let’s prevail

Poet’s Note: So, I just published a series of poems on Love. These were inspired by On Love: Agape and Eros by Taro Umebayashi (Sensei! You are awesome!!) and Across the Evergreen by Antti Martikainen (Celtic Music <3).
Do check them out!!

Love: II


Your heart and soul
Are mine to take;
The wind may come
And the fire may seethe,
But I shall never let go
My breathless love
Hold on
It is ours to conquer
What this world to offer,
The mountains can’t hold our passion
Swept away
Sweat and blood
Not in vain,
Spread your wings,
Bare your soul
Don’t hold back,
My immortal whole.

Love: I


Sweet memories
Mirror her beautiful tears
On this starry night
Give me your sweet lips
And let go of the unknown force,
I am your white star,
Unknown to many
Don’t wreck your heart, my sweet love
Slowly, we shall conquer each other.


Sparks fly, as we break open the past,
And we hold time in a glass
As if the sands would abide
By the serenades of our kind –

Time flows through the dark
And light and the unfathomable murk;
Embrace the changes of the centuries
Because you best believe
That the one thing that matters
Is to scream your call
Out loud, when the tides arrive.
Time goes on.

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