Burning to fly,
Rising from the ashes
And learning –
With each fall,
Pleading with the next one
To rise. In the darkest
Hour, with each twilight
Bust into flames
And be reborn,
More alive
Than destiny claims.

Poet’s note: Dear reader, have you ever sat in a darkened room and just crying yourself? Hopeless? People say it makes you stronger, eventually. For now, I’ll just say – breathe.

Between the cracks

There are demons,
Before your very eyes,
Passing by,
A spark of anger
Whenever they rise,
Blinding the brilliant light,
Busting through the hearth of a child,
What do you do?

Malice in your heart
Ruptures the black –
Paint it red
And paint it wide;
There is a shadow
That flows with time,
Break the bonds
And scream.

Mage of the dark,
Do you remember her dreams,
Her fears and call,
Fall beneath the whirlwind
Clad in black,
Glad to be back
Riding between the cracks,
Failing to fathom the laws –
The lands fall,
Destiny seems far.

Author’s Note: This poem is pretty dark since it is influenced by the recent happenings in my hometown. It was very painful for me, because a kid was sexually abused by grown men, who worked in close proximity to the child. Some parts of it resonated with my own experience. She’s doing better, and thankfully her parents listened to her. The scars may remain, but I hope she lives on to have a wonderful life. I’m including the picture with this poem, because the Japanese house exudes tranquility and peace.

If you guys have ever experienced any sort of abuse, please hang in there. There will be dark days, even a spiralling cycle. But you’re very brave, and are worth everything good that the world has to offer. I’m also open to talk, if you guys want to talk about your experience with me. You’re amazing, and I truly mean it.


Dedicated to every fellow being with wanderlust.

In a minute –

Hear the thumping of the beat;
Heart and eyes
Seduced into a senseless agony
Dance with his shadows,
shattering her very soul
Day and night.

Travelling from land to land
Can’t find her, the chase
Is impossible to bear,
In his arms,
Spinning to the swing of Juno.

One second turns to a minute
While holding you close;
But I’ve got to go.

I would recommend listening to Spanish Flamenco while reading this!! Enjoy!

Find yourself

NOTE: I would recommend listening to Yuri on Ice by Taro Umbeyashi while reading this poem!

In the beginning
A bit of dew descends
On the charred soul
An unknown force, reborn;

Blue winged beautiful sky
Blasted with the insecurities;
Rising from the pitch black dark,
I see the moon and stars,
Dancing to my tune.

In that moment,
How did the flowers conquer my line,
Can’t speak out the chime
Of my emotions.


This titillating feeling
Forbidding my heart to give up;
I see you,
My brilliant light,
Amongst all the feeble frivolities,
Not a fantasy, but a dream
Grips the depth of my heart.
Brimming with the eyes of a child,
I’m alive.


Sparks fly, as we break open the past,
And we hold time in a glass
As if the sands would abide
By the serenades of our kind –

Time flows through the dark
And light and the unfathomable murk;
Embrace the changes of the centuries
Because you best believe
That the one thing that matters
Is to scream your call
Out loud, when the tides arrive.
Time goes on.

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