Love: III


Here I am
Holding my soul for yours
To save or break,
It’s alright, nothing can take
Away my will to see you smile,
This isn’t the storm that passes,
But a gentle breeze,
To sweep your past, past;
Love so blundering, and blind,
I can’t let go of my murmuring mind –
Grab him close
Let him go.
The light shines,
Will you stay?
Let’s prevail

Poet’s Note: So, I just published a series of poems on Love. These were inspired by On Love: Agape and Eros by Taro Umebayashi (Sensei! You are awesome!!) and Across the Evergreen by Antti Martikainen (Celtic Music <3).
Do check them out!!

Love: II


Your heart and soul
Are mine to take;
The wind may come
And the fire may seethe,
But I shall never let go
My breathless love
Hold on
It is ours to conquer
What this world to offer,
The mountains can’t hold our passion
Swept away
Sweat and blood
Not in vain,
Spread your wings,
Bare your soul
Don’t hold back,
My immortal whole.

Love: I


Sweet memories
Mirror her beautiful tears
On this starry night
Give me your sweet lips
And let go of the unknown force,
I am your white star,
Unknown to many
Don’t wreck your heart, my sweet love
Slowly, we shall conquer each other.

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