Lend me your heart,
And I will whisper
The wonder,
That the world couldn’t fathom;
With clasped hands
As we wander
Into nothingness,
But it is nothing less –
A place, where the tainted soul
Can grow the flowers
Untamed and innocent –
A little love,
And we will last.
My Talisman.

Shades of Green

Open your heart,
As the waves come crashing,
Soothe the strikes,
With this shade everlasting –
The green, forever forgiving.

Seldom grips your rationality,
This beautiful love
Of the green seething.
Blend it with a mix of yellow and trust,
Bountiful shall your life be as such.

In the middle of the night,
The magic flows with this wondrous green,
Stay and grasp, the surreptitious little charmer,
In this time and the next,
The green parades like the will of Gods.


The mixing of the green,
Admonishes the words,
As we speak,
Hear the whispers of the wind;
The secrets of the stream.
Surrender your petrifying nightmares,
Plunge in the madness of eternal glee.

The clouds change shapes,
A lioness and a girl in a disarray;
The concoction of Opposites stay,
And in it, you may find your solace.

In this wooden house with willful vows,
Open your mind and hither rest your soul.


Whisk her away this second,
To the lands non-existent;
In her dreams of cerulean and yellows,
The mighty white melds away into the meadows
Of green, glistening little rascals,
Splattered in dollops with those castles
Of starry night and summer skies,
With the snowy lands and spring on the other side,
Good morning beautiful,
Cherish the mask of love, bountiful.

Breath of Life

Her summer has arrived,
All hail the return of the magi,
The guardian angel standing at the gates of hell,
To pull her away from the dark rimmed cell,
We are here, basking in the sunlight,
White flowers and all, it will be all right,
This is the song for she has taken a breath of life.


A little whisperers turn to bow,
The shades of red and yellows resound,
Past the tornado swirls,
Hope pops up with a twirl,
The rainbow after dark,
Sunshine past the mark,
The longer the days,
The lasting innocents prevail.


The crumbling flowers,
Bested by the storm,
Are destined be reborn,
After every Fall.
When the time comes,
You will be gliding with the wind,
Succumbing to the ethreal feeling
Past the in-betweens,
The wheels keep on turning,
In the world all green,
We will become,
Whatever we choose to be.

Tree of Life

Light and dark,
Life swirls in opposite parts,
Good and bad,
And the greys in between,
Take two – niceties and pleasant dreams,
Let go of the demons in between,
Night and dawn,
Like a Phoenix reborn,
Fearless and unafraid,
Take on the jaded spades,
Along they shall come,
Rising like the morning sun.

Structural Anamoly

In this path
Not all may seem well,
In the depths of the unknown,
Lies a troll waiting to tell,
The riddle about the other day
The dalliance and summer serenade,
Time and time again
An anomaly between the spaces,
Vacant voices fill those spaces,
Past the scribbles on these pages
Surviving the unspoken weather –
Standing like the silent wind.

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