The Leaf’s Journey

Go grab your Cello,
Make the music a little mellow;
A twig’s end story, little fellow
Let me begin, with a simple ‘ello!

The wind and water,
Are our pen pals and chauffeurs.
The hard lignin steed,
Remains a loyal one indeed –
As we mutiny at the end of a creek
Breezing past the tangible destiny;
Abandoning the brick walls,
Not stuck in a jam, where gasoline calls,
A mellifluous melody
A subtle harmony;
Green, then yellow,
Make it a loud rubato
The red is here, so the end is near
A dramatic close,
Silence till Spring, I suppose.


The crumbling flowers,
Bested by the storm,
Are destined be reborn,
After every Fall.
When the time comes,
You will be gliding with the wind,
Succumbing to the ethreal feeling
Past the in-betweens,
The wheels keep on turning,
In the world all green,
We will become,
Whatever we choose to be.


Treading past the bottomless fog,
To fall on flowery gravel –
Twisted with the demagogue,
Truth turns to mere babble.

In the past that she destroyed,
Indices formed the shrapnels.
Irksome voices for their schadenfreude,
Iridescent soul back in shackles.

Miming the charades of the time past
Measuring the frozen distance.
Many a time, missing the cast,
Mulling over tested persistence.

Escaping from the other side,
Encased back into the new.
Eschewing may not change the tide –
End of time isn’t for her to choose.

Love Song

A little while under the stars,
The cold wind rejoicing,
With wondrous thoughts
Clinging like the golden leaves.

Breathing in the silvery light,
Shimmering past,
Oh! This mild aching in my heart,
Combined with dusk;

I can’t explain this feeling,
Utter delight sweetened with desolation.
The dew drops sing of this escapade,
I wish I could just fly away;

Yet, the warmth of the earth
beneath my toes,
I curl to meet you,
Past my foes,
Whispering softly,
I love you


Standing there,
With your eyes gleaming like a sin;
Smile, lighting up each freckle on you skin,
It’s like an endless glow,
The wind whisking through your soul,
The leaves rustling with your lore,
The longing continues forth,
The warmth leaving her, once more.
It’s the trial she cannot face
Everything crumbles to a facade,
Yet, like a fire you cannot restrain,
It is here to stay, this barricade.
Why can’t you walk away?

Rest with the autumn lullaby;
As sweet melody plays,
It shall be mellow,
For a while;
Dawn shall be spun
With the twist of the past,
Stay! Please stay;
You don’t know her plea.


Caress me softly,
Cold hearted love of mine;
Whisper, Oh! So sweetly,
I keep falling into an endless abyss;
Swaying gently in your perfidious arms.
Lying there, softly;
Sweet dreams as the fall begins,
Colors changing and in it
Love, shamelessly unchanging.
Oh! The chagrin of her heart.

Your warmth seeps in,
And I’m whole again.
Bewildering symphony
At the beginning of each tale


November, the unsung kin
Of the galaxy far away;
Venture into grim and mirth
Emanating like the harbinger of
Myths and life bound as one,
Brimming with colors of the ethereal.
Eons of making
Rendered in epitomic disposition.

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