Bring your sadness
And all your blessings,
The city of brotherly love
Will embrace you, as are.
The wandering snow,
And the lights of Christmas,
Will set your heart aglow,
And spread cheers as the dawn recedes.
Come night or day,
Set your heart aflame;
For even a flawed hearth
Can warm your days.


The feeling of hope
And the dread, with a dark hole,
Mingle and merge
With the fog on hold.

The tranquility of the water
Battle with the chaos, a little sober
From the talk that takes over
The sanity of the heart.

Silence, the leaves remain
Unmoved, the lake claim
The look beyond facades go,
Mere mortal fears, still cold.


The wind to my soul
Sways with the light
To turn me whole
‘Tis a wondrous night
Of hues – I could elope
With the little star
That holds my hope,
The minds spar
And succumb to a drunken glow
Dear December, may the cheers
Past sunset flow. •

Tree of Life – Light

This starry night
With no snow in sight,
The lights rise
In synchronous tides,
With the tree of life
Taking the center stride.

With no armor
We wander
Past the will ó wisp,
The air all crispy,
Music in the air,
It was a wondrous affair.

Fire 3: Light

This festive season
The crackling rises
In synchronous tides,
Warmth and wonder
Reclaim their stride.
Passing the stories –
With the jolly crowd,
Tap your feet to the aster loud.
Love, my sweet,
The lights are back to town.

Fire 1: Starry Night

This starry night,
With the warmth licking our soul
Lost in a million words,
A simple gesture
Serenades as hope, and
We wander
Past the land of green and yellow
Lost in the sound of the harp
A little mellow
Foxtrot with the bluebells
And lo! It all begins
A lore of the sweetest whisper
The light, when the earth turns darker
Sparkling, eyes stare in wonder.


The flashes of light
In the ashen sky,
Like the autumn rain
Connecting the summer tides,
Our eyes meet
And the colors collide;
A simple smile
And the spark glows, alive;

The Leaf’s Journey

Go grab your Cello,
Make the music a little mellow;
A twig’s end story, little fellow
Let me begin, with a simple ‘ello!

The wind and water,
Are our pen pals and chauffeurs.
The hard lignin steed,
Remains a loyal one indeed –
As we mutiny at the end of a creek
Breezing past the tangible destiny;
Abandoning the brick walls,
Not stuck in a jam, where gasoline calls,
A mellifluous melody
A subtle harmony;
Green, then yellow,
Make it a loud rubato
The red is here, so the end is near
A dramatic close,
Silence till Spring, I suppose.

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