Acrostic Requests

Hey guys!

Woah, I have 100 likes and over 10 followers. Thank you so much for liking my posts! I hope you enjoy them. I am going to be taking acrostic requests for the next couple of months. Just comment out the first word that comes to your mind or a word that you hold close to your heart. For me, one of my most favorite words is Dewdrop:

Drawn by the morning smiles,
Eager to fill the
Withering leaves with life
Dusted with the scent if god,
Robust and innocent,
Orator of the sea,
Perishable after the moment of glee.

Anyway, I hope you comment and let me know your thoughts!!

The Nutcracker

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ll try post a Christmassy poem, starting at the 1st day of Christmas. Have a merry day 🎄🎄

A wonderful dream
Warps you into a world
Of friends and foes,
Lights and snow,
Flowers and Candies
Dance with them all.

A tale from a hundred, past.
A love that rekindles each wintery squall,
Open your mind
And we shall wander –
Into the land of ethreal wonder.


Dedicated to every fellow being with wanderlust.

In a minute –

Hear the thumping of the beat;
Heart and eyes
Seduced into a senseless agony
Dance with his shadows,
shattering her very soul
Day and night.

Travelling from land to land
Can’t find her, the chase
Is impossible to bear,
In his arms,
Spinning to the swing of Juno.

One second turns to a minute
While holding you close;
But I’ve got to go.

I would recommend listening to Spanish Flamenco while reading this!! Enjoy!

Find yourself

NOTE: I would recommend listening to Yuri on Ice by Taro Umbeyashi while reading this poem!

In the beginning
A bit of dew descends
On the charred soul
An unknown force, reborn;

Blue winged beautiful sky
Blasted with the insecurities;
Rising from the pitch black dark,
I see the moon and stars,
Dancing to my tune.

In that moment,
How did the flowers conquer my line,
Can’t speak out the chime
Of my emotions.


This titillating feeling
Forbidding my heart to give up;
I see you,
My brilliant light,
Amongst all the feeble frivolities,
Not a fantasy, but a dream
Grips the depth of my heart.
Brimming with the eyes of a child,
I’m alive.

Love: III


Here I am
Holding my soul for yours
To save or break,
It’s alright, nothing can take
Away my will to see you smile,
This isn’t the storm that passes,
But a gentle breeze,
To sweep your past, past;
Love so blundering, and blind,
I can’t let go of my murmuring mind –
Grab him close
Let him go.
The light shines,
Will you stay?
Let’s prevail

Poet’s Note: So, I just published a series of poems on Love. These were inspired by On Love: Agape and Eros by Taro Umebayashi (Sensei! You are awesome!!) and Across the Evergreen by Antti Martikainen (Celtic Music <3).
Do check them out!!

Last post of the night

I apologize if I have spammed your newsfeed. I just transferred over my Instagram poems to this blogspot. Anyway, I’ll get out of your hair now. Have a good night! 🍀💤

First blog post

Hey Guys,

So this blog is going to be all about poems. I am going to try and upload one poem, each day. I hope you send me requests!

Have a great night!


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