Tree of Life – Light

This starry night
With no snow in sight,
The lights rise
In synchronous tides,
With the tree of life
Taking the center stride.

With no armor
We wander
Past the will ó wisp,
The air all crispy,
Music in the air,
It was a wondrous affair.


The flashes of light
In the ashen sky,
Like the autumn rain
Connecting the summer tides,
Our eyes meet
And the colors collide;
A simple smile
And the spark glows, alive;

Love: II


Your heart and soul
Are mine to take;
The wind may come
And the fire may seethe,
But I shall never let go
My breathless love
Hold on
It is ours to conquer
What this world to offer,
The mountains can’t hold our passion
Swept away
Sweat and blood
Not in vain,
Spread your wings,
Bare your soul
Don’t hold back,
My immortal whole.

Love: I


Sweet memories
Mirror her beautiful tears
On this starry night
Give me your sweet lips
And let go of the unknown force,
I am your white star,
Unknown to many
Don’t wreck your heart, my sweet love
Slowly, we shall conquer each other.

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story.

Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes,
To the everlasting lands of flora and fae,
In an island and a forest with an
Enchanting waterfall,
leaves abode,
Afloat as the dew dwindles down
From the hearth in the clouds.

She rises from the depths of dawn,
Enamored by the splatter of silvery sparkle
Of the twilight, and long
Caught in this tangle
Of the lignin and green – but
Oh! She can barely breathe,
The whispers of time
And the remnants of lips
Moving past –

The lands may be far past these cerulean seas,
But the memories linger on
Like the wandering light
Amidst the Northern dreams.


Charging past the bludgeoning blows with
Hearty laughs and friendly clothes;
Amidst the wilderness of trees and sand,
Summon your courage and conquer the lands.
Everlasting memories surrender to the ghosts,
Remember your hearth and become the chaser of the dreams, mi amour.


Whisk her away this second,
To the lands non-existent;
In her dreams of cerulean and yellows,
The mighty white melds away into the meadows
Of green, glistening little rascals,
Splattered in dollops with those castles
Of starry night and summer skies,
With the snowy lands and spring on the other side,
Good morning beautiful,
Cherish the mask of love, bountiful.


A little whisperers turn to bow,
The shades of red and yellows resound,
Past the tornado swirls,
Hope pops up with a twirl,
The rainbow after dark,
Sunshine past the mark,
The longer the days,
The lasting innocents prevail.


The besotted structure
Blooming with possibilities;
The dreaded suture
Mending the menacing reality.
The draft has succumbed
To the whispers of the morning sun,
The cherry blossoms become
The hope long forgotten.

Saliently sailing into the new light
Piercing through the blackened night,
Riding the tides to the spirit of twilight,
Irksome worries abandoned, forthright –
Nestled and free to forge the flight past fright,
Giver, friend, the flirt – everyday a different plight.

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