Surreptitiously taming the
Inner beast,
Luring the disarry
Into a woundless peace.
Silence, in the middle of
The roads that have ceased
To sleep.

The Door

A lonely path,
Yet, from the painted path
We shall rise,
Marching towards the door,
Claw your way through,
The locks that bind you
To be lost. ♡


Walking with no expression.

Changing shades
Like the rhythm of the sky,
Yet –
The blurry glass
Reflects each hidden jar
Of the unrest past.

Each sentence
Who am I?

In the clasp of the call
Beyond the insipid scars;
Tenacious beings of the stars
Smiling, to rise from each fall
Again and again.
Unbridled kindness
Stitching one to all.
Simply inspiring
With each passing hour.


Breathless as the sun succumbs
To the clouds, wind
Winding in to play This game of charades –
Dry, her throat is dry from pleading
Almost close to believing.
The truth of the misery remains, seems
That hope resides in the land faraway.

Yet, wake up
From the muddled place
Where demons haunt and
Ghosts of the past stay.
With blood and bruises
In mind and body, bid
Goodbye, goodbye to the wreck they made.

It’s the sandy ride to the paradise bay,
When all hope is lost –
Show yourself ‘Look
What I’m made

Seems so far
Along, make it stop
The bruises are just a reminder
To how strong you are.
So bid goodbye to the forlon days,
And welcome yourself into your heart and stay.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to everyone who is going through a struggle.

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story.

Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes,
To the everlasting lands of flora and fae,
In an island and a forest with an
Enchanting waterfall,
leaves abode,
Afloat as the dew dwindles down
From the hearth in the clouds.

She rises from the depths of dawn,
Enamored by the splatter of silvery sparkle
Of the twilight, and long
Caught in this tangle
Of the lignin and green – but
Oh! She can barely breathe,
The whispers of time
And the remnants of lips
Moving past –

The lands may be far past these cerulean seas,
But the memories linger on
Like the wandering light
Amidst the Northern dreams.


Dedicated to Joe

Had this puddle for a long time,
As the showers turned to hail
And she feels like she’d soon be gone,
Maybe it’s just a phase.

So here we are,
Standing as one,
Trying hard
To let go.
So here we play,
This game’s a charade,
Lips moving on
until ye fade away.

Away, while you stay,
Stay, maybe it’d crumble away.
Away, bade goodbye to the pain –
Past the pain, life will change its pace.


Look up and twirl,
Whilst the sun is still high,
You will be caught in the whirl,
There is no question to comply.

In the midst of the distractions
Succumb unto the diffractions,
It’s easier my dear, quietly play along,
They told her time and time again, so forlorn.

The lullaby, the bluebells’ lullaby,
Tonight, a sleepless time;
When she thought that ‘all was mine
To be alright’, yet the waves seem to have gone by.

A second when it was over,
Now the demons draw in closer,
Tell her why your voice swept on sooner;
The rise of the figment in the dark turn
Betray the truce and whisper.



Dawn at last,
Dreams from things past

She’s the girl from the dark,
Wound in stark
Twists from the time
Of misleading words, tide
Rising past the shadows,
Smile, try again tomorrow,
Vines widening the burrow –
Her abode, with the glimpse of sun.

Stride with the wind,
Colder than the fiend,
Until nightshades breakaway.

Static Paths

Wrapped in the moonlit night
With a single lamp burning away the sorrow,
He lurks with the shadows,
Besotted with a beautiful plight.

Drips of wax,
Encasing his smile,
Pinned with charms, every mile
Wound together, perhaps –

In the dreams of cold winter,
A sparkling clash of hues
Caught them past the blues,
A silhoutte of light, a little brighter.

Words fail, with the look on her face,
Caught up in all this daze,
It’s a frivolous phase,
But they chose to stay.

All they needed was seconds
Lest everything will fail.
In the end her words will play
Ending in a disarray.

Then, they shall pass,
Into an ethereal abyss,
Parting ways,
Like the paths on a snowy day.

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