Blended the opposites, And sanity was tamed, Living among the Pandering sycophants; Love and life remains The charade of the lands. We stay here – Mastering faces Over the shadows of the sun, We flow with the wind, far away. 。 Iridescent light and impossibly dark, Rise to form the fate as we know Amidst the order, a chaotic game Time and time again, yet … Continue reading Moira


Walking with no expression. Changing shades Like the rhythm of the sky, Yet – The blurry glass Reflects each hidden jar Of the unrest past. Each sentence Deconstructed. Overthinking. Who am I? In the clasp of the call Beyond the insipid scars; Tenacious beings of the stars Smiling, to rise from each fall Again and again. Unbridled kindness Stitching one to all. Simply inspiring With … Continue reading Human