The wind to my soul
Sways with the light
To turn me whole
‘Tis a wondrous night
Of hues – I could elope
With the little star
That holds my hope,
The minds spar
And succumb to a drunken glow
Dear December, may the cheers
Past sunset flow. •

Fire 3: Light

This festive season
The crackling rises
In synchronous tides,
Warmth and wonder
Reclaim their stride.
Passing the stories –
With the jolly crowd,
Tap your feet to the aster loud.
Love, my sweet,
The lights are back to town.

Fire 1: Starry Night

This starry night,
With the warmth licking our soul
Lost in a million words,
A simple gesture
Serenades as hope, and
We wander
Past the land of green and yellow
Lost in the sound of the harp
A little mellow
Foxtrot with the bluebells
And lo! It all begins
A lore of the sweetest whisper
The light, when the earth turns darker
Sparkling, eyes stare in wonder.

Love: I


Sweet memories
Mirror her beautiful tears
On this starry night
Give me your sweet lips
And let go of the unknown force,
I am your white star,
Unknown to many
Don’t wreck your heart, my sweet love
Slowly, we shall conquer each other.


Breathless as the sun succumbs
To the clouds, wind
Winding in to play This game of charades –
Dry, her throat is dry from pleading
Almost close to believing.
The truth of the misery remains, seems
That hope resides in the land faraway.

Yet, wake up
From the muddled place
Where demons haunt and
Ghosts of the past stay.
With blood and bruises
In mind and body, bid
Goodbye, goodbye to the wreck they made.

It’s the sandy ride to the paradise bay,
When all hope is lost –
Show yourself ‘Look
What I’m made

Seems so far
Along, make it stop
The bruises are just a reminder
To how strong you are.
So bid goodbye to the forlon days,
And welcome yourself into your heart and stay.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to everyone who is going through a struggle.

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story.

Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes,
To the everlasting lands of flora and fae,
In an island and a forest with an
Enchanting waterfall,
leaves abode,
Afloat as the dew dwindles down
From the hearth in the clouds.

She rises from the depths of dawn,
Enamored by the splatter of silvery sparkle
Of the twilight, and long
Caught in this tangle
Of the lignin and green – but
Oh! She can barely breathe,
The whispers of time
And the remnants of lips
Moving past –

The lands may be far past these cerulean seas,
But the memories linger on
Like the wandering light
Amidst the Northern dreams.


Dedicated to South Carolina and the Solar Eclipse 2017

Engulfed in these shadows
The wrathful winds change their pace,
The lights turn their facades,
As magic annihilates the skies,
Sunset in the midst of those who reside,
Sparkling flares in the midst of the tides;
Come, feel the Spring
Amidst the summer
In these lands where
Life is silenced
And renewed
The truth fiddling past the shadows
Totality, in your heart and soul,
Totality, the one reborn.

Morning II

A warm embrace,
Suddenly, the cold breeze graces
By in this strangely serene space.
The impish golden rays
Unbound and free,
As they sparkle where the shingles lay,
A disappearing act,
In an alluring pace;

Good morning,
The chaos recedes for another day,
The dewdrop remain in their gentle state,
A boderless hum,
As you bound around,
Live long and prosper,
The world remains, profound.

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