Sparkling lights
Spirited away tonight,
Wandering the streets,
With chaos that never ceases –
An unexpected tranquility,
On the day of Christmas Eve,
A myriad of dreams
Wound in one breathless destiny.


The feeling of hope
And the dread, with a dark hole,
Mingle and merge
With the fog on hold.

The tranquility of the water
Battle with the chaos, a little sober
From the talk that takes over
The sanity of the heart.

Silence, the leaves remain
Unmoved, the lake claim
The look beyond facades go,
Mere mortal fears, still cold.

Maya: incomplete

Note: Read this poem with an open mind and it might just tell you your story.

Past of the wooden doors and poignant panes,
To the everlasting lands of flora and fae,
In an island and a forest with an
Enchanting waterfall,
leaves abode,
Afloat as the dew dwindles down
From the hearth in the clouds.

She rises from the depths of dawn,
Enamored by the splatter of silvery sparkle
Of the twilight, and long
Caught in this tangle
Of the lignin and green – but
Oh! She can barely breathe,
The whispers of time
And the remnants of lips
Moving past –

The lands may be far past these cerulean seas,
But the memories linger on
Like the wandering light
Amidst the Northern dreams.


Author’s Note: This poem is close to my heart. You got this 👊 Take a deep breathe. •

Aimlessly wandering beacon of dread
Nudging your thoughts, inducing palpitation instead
‘Xactly how did we get here?
In the road of trepidation, tears and blood;
Enguarde, this is the third response to threat,
Trembling and fumbling, frozen brain – dud,
Yelling and scrapping inside your skin –

Look up and stare
At the sky, the light,
Stars or the branches,
Holding you tight,
You are safe my dear,
The darkness crawling within may stay,
But know that there is star at the end of this plight,
You are your own might,
A little deeper,
Close your eyes,
The world is yours tonight
Today and forever,
If you choose to stay.

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