Stars masked by the clouds, Yearning for this dark night to unfold, It’s the multiple doubts That waver among the words, untold. Fiery heart, scintillating scars, In her mind, it is utter chaos, The fictitious nights filled with mutiny in part, Oh! The symphony is a senseless retort To the days in the past, The lingering dance Of the demons and doves – Sail away … Continue reading Chaos


Once there was a mellow chipper, Stuck in the chasm of endless abyss, The depth drowning the soundless whisper, It was mighty callous. Wandering the foliage of mirth, Glee downtrodden to gloom, The demons enter through the Firth Of dreams, gathering gloom. There is no end to this dismay, The light casted into disarray, Lignin reach out to join this charade, The words strung to … Continue reading Lost