Dreamy, bright and so
Right. The knight with
Everlasting sweetness and light.

How can she tell you?
The worthless worries
Paired with blatant
Insecurities; you
With your perfect streak.
It took just a sigh,
To set it off course
The tingling that
Pierced in through
Touch. Lips unstrung.

For now, we ought to stay
She’s not the one in your heart,
Your treasures lie in the past.
Smile and shine brighter,
Goodbye, for now.
Wordessly, she fades
Within the grips of time.

Poet’s Note: Have you guys ever been liked someone but wasn’t sure if it will work out? How do you let it go? Affection, like, love – such interestingly blissful and utterly painful emotions.

Moments – Acrostic

Minutes pass to hours as we meld;
One touch and a thousand words past –
Mirth unconstrained
Ending at dawn.
Nestled in the corner,
Trudging with the flow of time,
Simple desires.

Innocence- Acrostic

Innate sense of inspired joy,
Nutured with such wondrous eyes;
Naively assuming the world poses no ploy,
O’er, where the darkness lies.
Capturing the stardust before it
Encaptures your will to be profound,
Not a minute wasted – We are jouney bound;
Cradling the soothing past, yet wound in the dewdrops an
Everlasting love, at the behest of the heart.

Acrostic Requests

Hey guys!

Woah, I have 100 likes and over 10 followers. Thank you so much for liking my posts! I hope you enjoy them. I am going to be taking acrostic requests for the next couple of months. Just comment out the first word that comes to your mind or a word that you hold close to your heart. For me, one of my most favorite words is Dewdrop:

Drawn by the morning smiles,
Eager to fill the
Withering leaves with life
Dusted with the scent if god,
Robust and innocent,
Orator of the sea,
Perishable after the moment of glee.

Anyway, I hope you comment and let me know your thoughts!!


Author’s Note: This poem is close to my heart. You got this 👊 Take a deep breathe. •

Aimlessly wandering beacon of dread
Nudging your thoughts, inducing palpitation instead
‘Xactly how did we get here?
In the road of trepidation, tears and blood;
Enguarde, this is the third response to threat,
Trembling and fumbling, frozen brain – dud,
Yelling and scrapping inside your skin –

Look up and stare
At the sky, the light,
Stars or the branches,
Holding you tight,
You are safe my dear,
The darkness crawling within may stay,
But know that there is star at the end of this plight,
You are your own might,
A little deeper,
Close your eyes,
The world is yours tonight
Today and forever,
If you choose to stay.


Charging past the bludgeoning blows with
Hearty laughs and friendly clothes;
Amidst the wilderness of trees and sand,
Summon your courage and conquer the lands.
Everlasting memories surrender to the ghosts,
Remember your hearth and become the chaser of the dreams, mi amour.


November, the unsung kin
Of the galaxy far away;
Venture into grim and mirth
Emanating like the harbinger of
Myths and life bound as one,
Brimming with colors of the ethereal.
Eons of making
Rendered in epitomic disposition.

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